What to do with Shoes that Squeak?

Squeaks are caused by two materials rubbing against each other. During the manufacturing process, in order to bond the vamp to the vamp liner or, the soles to the vamp, cement is applied to the various parts of the shoe. In some cases the glue guns used run dry. In others the cement dries to quickly. In either case the result will be the same. When you wear the shoe the areas that were not glued properly will rub against each other causing the shoe to squeak.

Normally, you will feel a vibration in the area where the shoe is squeaking. This makes it simple to show the shoe repairperson where it is coming from. In other cases, you will have to walk with the shoe repairperson in a quiet area in order to find it.

If the squeak is coming from an area that is easily accessible the repairman will simply open the area, apply contact cement on both sides and put it back together making sure the area bonds securely.

If the squeak is coming from an area that is not easily accessible (such as the top of the vamp area) he may have to take a good portion of the shoe apart which can become expensive.

Keep in mind if the squeak is a result of a defect in the manufacturing process it will begin when the shoes are fairly new. In such cases your best option is to return them to the store.

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